it’s hard to imagine that the whole of the world will be able to see the words that will be available here.  it’s easy to believe that no one has seen the words that were at my last blog, which was a requirement for my upper-division technical course: continuum mechanics and fluid dynamics so aptly titled “continuum dgrochanics and fluid dgronamics” (still available here).  it is also easy to believe that the entirety of the world will never, all, visit this page.  

however, if you are one of the 6-7 billion (depending on the time that you read this) that do, consider yourself fairly unique, as much that the world unique has gradations.  

i sincerely hope that if you come here, you will come again, and that if anything said here makes you think, you pay it forward.  you can easily do so by saying “poop” to someone you care about.

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