boogers in my nose: a study in dodoitsu

when i pick with my fingers
i will often wipe them off
inadvertently, you see,
on my pants pocket

while trying to find a way to express myself about one of my favorite past-times, nose picking, i felt like the 17 syllables of the haiku just weren’t enough to capture what i had to say.  so, i turn now to the dodoitsu , another japanese poetry form that has a similarly simple set of rules:

  • 4 lines
  • 7 syllables on the first three lines, and 5 on the last

no need to rhyme, no need for meter.  just simple, haiku-etic expression with the luxury of 9 extra syllables.  what else can you fit in with 9 extra syllables?  “Often concerning love or work, and usually comical,” i guess a better example, and more cathartic, might be <5 minute internet perusal pause> what i would have written before reading the wikipedia article on ‘lobotomy’.  you’re going to have to search for that one yourself.

aaaaaanyway, poop is funnier than boogers.  oh!:

confucius say: go to bed
with itchy butt wake up with
smelly finger.  i say: nose
picker, choose wisely

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9 Responses to “boogers in my nose: a study in dodoitsu”

  1. dgroseph Says:

    when i drive on the freeway
    i see all though none see me
    for my hand is up my nose
    i’m invisible

  2. kang Says:

    golden treasures, come to me
    riches fit for a pharaoh
    i am but an amateur

  3. Jamie Says:

    I drive my big truck downtown,
    looking for day laborers.
    There is too much snot, Migrants
    do all my picking.

  4. mushimusic Says:

    Pick and flick Olympic trick,
    Hundred yards my target lies,
    Silent, deadly, like a fart,
    Best snot darts are dry.

  5. mushimusic Says:

    Dodoitsu, hard to write
    About the snot within me,
    I must go, introspection,
    Bring the inside out.

  6. kang Says:

    without a tissue in reach
    time for improvisation
    wipe booger on sock or wall
    channel macgyver

  7. dgroseph Says:

    goliath had a friend named
    david the young king of jews
    with a sling to pick noses
    he was a bad shot

  8. Helena Handbasket Says:

    delicate probing with nail
    so as not to disrupt flesh
    i pluck, wind and twist to spin
    skeins of stretching pearl

  9. liliakai Says:

    hey you know that pen you like
    to chew on? it was in my
    nose like five minutes ago…
    amongst other things

    helena’s poetry is
    too pretty. i like mine more
    crude and gritty. um…boogers!
    …yeah this one’s shitty

    in vain i dig, left and right,
    in search of those crispy green
    nuggets of satisfaction
    but find only juice

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