gross on your skin: a dialogue

the names of the participants in this dialogue have been changed to protect the innocent.

(3:49:09 PM) frames: i love scabs
(3:49:15 PM) gravy: yeah, right?
(3:49:29 PM) frames: just picking them
(3:49:31 PM) frames: mmmmmmm
(3:49:51 PM) gravy: i know some friends of mine who aren’t me who like eating some of them. it’s like recycling
(3:49:56 PM) gravy: sometimes
(3:49:59 PM) gravy: i mean never
(3:50:00 PM) gravy: right?
(3:50:18 PM) frames: i eat most things that come off of me
(3:50:18 PM) gravy: they are really strong though, and sometimes hard to bite through. fun to play with
(3:50:24 PM) gravy: i’ve heard
(3:50:31 PM) frames: from whom?
(3:50:38 PM) frames: your mom?
(3:50:44 PM) gravy: possibly another personality of mine
(3:50:56 PM) gravy: it must have been leaked into my waking consciousness
(3:51:02 PM) gravy: probably for a very important reason
(3:51:08 PM) frames: wait!?
(3:51:10 PM) frames: you’re gravy the slut
(3:51:13 PM) frames: i had no idea
(3:51:15 PM) frames: shit
(3:51:21 PM) gravy: yeah baby
(3:51:26 PM) gravy: suck my tit
(3:51:47 PM) frames: gravy the slut the monoboobed
(3:52:27 PM) gravy: indeed
(3:52:42 PM) gravy: this is why we need a blog. fuck plate. people want to hear this shit.

and now they can

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