gross under your finger nails : beat

what have you found understand you’r fingernails lately?
surely not a tennis-ball.  surely not a shopping mall.


dull glitter (skin flakes)

dried mucous-balls of inhaled dirt

that nethersmell

darkness (in patches along the edge of your finger)

those all make sense.  but surely not  hope, or freedom, or wonder.
just something completely disgusting.  although it isn’t.  it will always be you or them under your fingernails.

or clay.  or maybe the adhesive from the back of a sticker, like a price sticker on a can of beans.

One Response to “gross under your finger nails : beat”

  1. mushimusic Says:

    Also, where have you found your fingernails recently? I swear I had a poop that was desperately clawing at my colon, unwilling to leave its safe situation in the nook of my buttocks. Then I clenched the shit out of that crap, using my sphincter’s 19-or-so years of training. But, I never saw that fingernail, so I can’t be certain of what was scratching me, or even if said fingernail was maybe still attached to its digit when it happened.

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