a rotten start

Without being cynical about the arbitrary nature in which we herald in a new year every year (the circle group U(1) and Complex Logarithm come to mind) we as sausage-casing casings usually do need the luxury of a fixed branch (e.g. nightfall or death).

But apart from my cartoon view of the needs and cyclicality of my cartoon view of western culture (and maybe others), there is something to having an anchor.  As a mentor of mine helped me converse in light of confusion about existence:

Me:  Fuck you, Buddha!

Buddha: Fuck yourself, because I am you.

There’s a lot going on here but, in this moment, it motivates me to seek out new ways of expression, recognize the structures I have created for the barriers to creativity that they can be, and employ a catharsis that is melded with our modern age.  This is my radio station; thanks for tuning in.  Welcome to this year 2011.

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