on your ebays – dead baby pictures

Sitting in the laundromat, indulging in the procrastination of this warm, Southern California afternoon, I happened upon that which I wished to share with you all many months ago.  In the spirit of not procrastinating any longer, and not feeling the need to write any more about this topic than what is already present in the article, I’ll simply share the following link with you all–a story about the trafficking of old photographs of dead children:

Ghost Babies – from BoingBoing

In the spirit of reigniting the playful and creative flame of those of people who come to read this, I’d like to open up the comments to any form of short poems that you’d like to share on this subject.  I’ll get that started…

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One Response to “on your ebays – dead baby pictures”

  1. dgroseph Says:

    your only picture
    i took it after your death
    it lives in my coat

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