Something like…coming out

I am a parent.  I am queer, at least.  I am a mathematician.  I am an atheist.  I am white.  I am male–of center at least.  I am Jewish.  I am afraid.  I am weak.  I am not special.  I am human.  I am 5’11”.

I feel like I have to say these things because the person that exists out there is different from the person in my body.  The person that exists across the table, through the screen, down the cable, and throughout the web–at the time of writing–is missing some of these assertions.

Things have recently changed quickly.  Last year (2015, 1464, 6765, 172, 2559, 4712, 4652, 1732, 3181, 2008, 5776, 2072, 1938, 5117, 12015, 1015, 1394, 1437, Heisei 27, 104, 4348, ROC 104, 2558, etcmore on that later) was full.  It will take me a long time to unpack it all.  I’ll be doing some of that here.  And because of that I just need to put this out there so that we’re all on the same page.

I’d love to be a better father.  A better partner.  A better ally.  A better writer.  A better scientist.  A better theologian.  A better philosopher.  A little bit taller.  I am practicing here with those #goals in mind.  This used to be the place to go for collectivist poetry about poop and other things gross.  I’ve made it a lot more about myself, and it will probably stay that way.  But something like…phoenix from the ashes, right?

There is obviously more to say about all this.  I’ve had a lot of things on my mind lately.  Now that we’ve had this talk I might share more of it here soon.

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