Calendrical Hegemony

It’s another new year somewhere, this time in the hearts and minds of Jewish people. As Jews are wont to do, I am debating and questioning what Judaism even means.  To me, this day in age, in this economy.

According to 23andMe, I am comprised of even more Ashkenazi DNA than either of my parents, somewhere between 98.3% and 99.5%.  So I’m of a heritage that has been oppressed and the oppressor, in old and in new days.  I delight and recoil from various traditions, sometimes at the same one, and seek a place for myself that reconciles my heritage with the brand of anti-racist, pro-indigenous, feminist, decolonial thought that I’m trying to cultivate within myself and in my family.

So I like that I don’t have to count time from when Jesus may have been born, but when my imperfect mind still chooses first to proffer Homer or Virgil or Maimonides or Dante or Milton or Dostoevsky or Primo Levi, you can see that I could do better.

A convenient dehegemonization of Anno Domini is to add 10,000 years and enter the Human Era when we claim to have found adults who probably could hack it in today’s civilizations if they were transplants here.  But this isn’t “true” and correlates with narrow adoption.

We could count from when humans first left the planet to touch other soil, in which case we’d now be in the 49th year After Tranquility.  But the full proposal to honor 14 white men (and an Egyptian that white people think was white?) centered on extraterrestrial colonization and terrestrial war mongering could also do better.  Much better.

My people have counted from their creation story’s beginning.  Which is kind of like trying to piece together what happened after a long night of drinking where only parts of the evening–transpired in crystal clarity–are strung together by less-aimed walks and tumbles of lesser-known duration.  Surely in hindsight we can assign meaning to the ambling, and guesses to the meaning, and then more meaning to the guesses, but we can’t forget what estimation techniques were used and how to correctly propagate errors.  To be frank, my college physics lab teachers _could_ probably be more proud but I’ll invoke them here nonetheless.

So we may be off by 1700 years.  Or by 4.5 billion years. Or 4.6.  Or 13.8 billion why not.

There’s so much more to be mad about, and–on this day–so much more to be doing, but I’ll just catalog this first day of this new year through my own kind of gematria, albeit based a bit more in number theory and trivia.

More importantly, this anno mundi year is a year where I can do better, and I hope I can.

Shana Tova.  Anyada Buena, Dulse i Alegre.  Gut Yontif un Gut Yor.


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