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more not-gross art in the gallery and a new toy

May 20, 2012

on this lazy-sunday-that-should-not-be-so-lazy i find myself, again, equating the high priority of my “starred” and “flagged” emails to my “starred” and “flagged” items in my google reader feed.  as such, i’ve added some more art to the gallery.

i also got a new toy to play with.  once i learn more about the circuit, i’m thinking of creative ways to make it wearable and fun.  thoughts are welcome!

you can also find an instructable on how to build it and the kit itself for purchase.

not-gross things for your eyes

April 25, 2012

so…i am really quite good at being anxious, procrastinating, feeling guilt, and just generally wallowing.  mind you, doing this well is actually a passion of mine; i can get quite a fair amount of enjoyment out of it.  i also enjoy a good watermelon-smashing or purring cat, but that’s neither here nor there.  that is a lie, as there is a purring cat right here “helping” me type this by being slumped over my hands.  digressing is also enjoyable.

the point is that–in addition to all this, i am a grade-A hoarder.  and i also love art.  the time has come, though, where i am learning that making good “engineering decisions” is the only way to move forward out of the analysis paralysis that i call home.

so, rather than never posting an all-encompassing collection of enjoyable art on the internet, i’ve made a new gallery page that can hold on to it for us.  mostly, they are just things i’ve seen on design milk that i’ve really enjoyed.  i hope you do to.