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not-gross things for your eyes

April 25, 2012

so…i am really quite good at being anxious, procrastinating, feeling guilt, and just generally wallowing.  mind you, doing this well is actually a passion of mine; i can get quite a fair amount of enjoyment out of it.  i also enjoy a good watermelon-smashing or purring cat, but that’s neither here nor there.  that is a lie, as there is a purring cat right here “helping” me type this by being slumped over my hands.  digressing is also enjoyable.

the point is that–in addition to all this, i am a grade-A hoarder.  and i also love art.  the time has come, though, where i am learning that making good “engineering decisions” is the only way to move forward out of the analysis paralysis that i call home.

so, rather than never posting an all-encompassing collection of enjoyable art on the internet, i’ve made a new gallery page that can hold on to it for us.  mostly, they are just things i’ve seen on design milk that i’ve really enjoyed.  i hope you do to.