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on your roads

April 22, 2011

inspired by a recent dayriffer find, i shared my love of my native (Californian) highway system here:

post about the 110 at the 105

Based on Simon Burrow‘s suggestion, we are going to have a freeway interchange beauty contest.

The rub is that I am a SoCal native, and I love it too much to be unbiased in my entries.  In the comments below, then, please submit your entries into the contest.  I’ll start with the two of mine.  The names of the highways should be enough, but if your submission is already notorious, then a link to photos or the it’s wikipedia page is also great.  You don’t have to limit yourself to one entry, but try and pick your favorite favorite.

Most importantly, please share whatever you want about the interchange: a personal story, a myth, a legend, an experience, a poem.  That will make this real.  I’ll later collect all of the entries and we’ll have a pageant of polls for our pageant, with awards like “Best In Show”, “All Around Great Interchange”, “Generalized Runner-Up”, &c…